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Runner bricks are kind of refractory hollowares that are normally embedded the grove of bottom pouring system serving to connect the casting ingot and the center distribution bricks. It is square shape and consists of various dimensions. In order to minimize the resistance of molten steel flowing or avoid leakage, this hollowares are required to be smooth with the inner channel and regularly shaped.The seam must be tight as well.

Runner bricks serves for many kinds of special casting steels such as stainless steel,alloy steel etc. It features high refractoriness, well performance in anti-crushing and erosion proof . Our products are smooth in the runner channel and precise in dimensional control. A variety of shapes are available depending on the customers request. In addition, we also produce lining bricks for the casting ladle,arc lining bricks,stopper head of fired or Non-fired, Casting nozzle,sleeves and seating bricks as well. Strict selection of raw materials, unique technical contorl enable our products to have excellent high temperature physical property. Our premium hollowares can withstand brushing,deforming and stripping as well.

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